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Delinquent debt settlement: how does it work?

Default is when people fail to pay their debts. It is a widely used fact by banks and financial institutions to analyze the budgetary health of their clients, from a country, and also to analyze and evaluate how much of the debts that are not being paid. In this way, banks and financial institutions can realistically assess their financial results, make projections, set targets, and also guide how debts will be negotiated with their clients. In these renegotiations, banks try to save as much resources as possible and avoid legal disputes because it is costly and unprofitable to those involved.

Debt Resolution of Banksil

Debt Resolution of Banksil

Debt negotiation usually involves a certain degree of bureaucracy, which keeps people from trading, increasing the default rate. Banksil has created an online channel, the Debt Solution portal to facilitate this process, helping those who do not know where to start debt negotiation or are afraid to negotiate debts with the bank.

Banksil’s debt solution: how does it work?


It is necessary for the client to know that the portal is valid only for debts of Banksil clients. From the portal, the customer can have access to his internet banking, with the debit balance of arrears and the balance of current debts. Through the links, the customer can:

  • Renegotiate past due debts
  • Install the debit balance (overdraft, credit card, loan, financing, etc.)
  • Choose the best payment date
  • Make debt consolidation into a single monthly installment (multiple debts in one)
  • Portability of credit: it is possible to negotiate with the portability of debts, that is, the transfer of debts from other banks to , with more competitive rates (compare through Total Cost Effective – CET: the smaller the better it is for you ).

To do debt consolidation, however, it is worth remembering that the customer will be subject to credit approval, ie: the bank will analyze the customer’s income statements to be able to evaluate if he can give him or her a line of credit to ” Putting together “all the loans into one. If your information is not updated at the bank’s register (proof of income is already more than two years, for example), you will have to update the information before you can renegotiate debt.

Through the Debt Solution, the bureaucracy of having to go to an agency to negotiate your debt is cut off, and it becomes much easier to settle your debts. (Photo:

Why use ‘s Debt Solution?

Why use

The practicality of the portal is the main reason that should lead you to use it. You can consult and regularize your situation quickly and very practical, helping too much in financial planning. It is far better than having to go to an agency and spend hours in line to talk to a manager to negotiate your debt.

The portal also expedites the cleaning of the name in SPC and SERASA, sparing the client of constraints when appearing personally at the agency, having to sit with the manager, talk about their financial situation. This is something that not everyone is comfortable doing.

As a bonus, there is the question of time. In some agencies, it can take literally hours for you to be served by a manager. With time being such a precious commodity nowadays, being able to trade your debt for a digital channel from the comfort of your home is much more practical.

debt solution: how to use the channel?

 debt solution: how to use the channel?

The channel is available during business hours, from 6 am to 8 pm (20: 00h). By accessing the website, the customer will have to enter his / her internet banking login data, where he / she will have access to information such as arrears, current debt installments, installment options, debt consolidation options, and the forms of payment.

Debt settlement: payment

 Debt settlement: payment

Payment can be made by direct ticket of the portal, printing the appointment term and registering an 8-digit password on the first access.

Is it worth using the debt settlement?

Is it worth using the debt settlement?

It gets to the point that a debt can take on an uncontrollable aspect. To regain control, a debt renegotiation plays an essential role, and the debt settlement may be a first step in this direction, but it can not be the only one.

It can not be the only one because it is no use negotiating a debt if the debt maker did not change the habits that gave rise to the debt. Let’s say, for example, that you renegotiated a card debt but still kept your card alive. There are great chances that you will get into debt again. So what will have been good to renegotiate the debt of the card, without having canceled it?

The Debt Settlement also will not teach you that you need a financial education, a family budget, to plan the allocation of family resources and prevent debts from happening again. Without this, chances are great that the customer will end up in debt again.

Finally, we have the interest rate factor. by using the debt settlement online, it is not possible to negotiate a lower interest rate advantage. This is possible directly with the manager, despite having little chance of success. The best way to succeed in this type of negotiation is when the customer gets a credit portability offer from another bank (the transfer of debt to another bank) that offers a lower interest rate or a better payment condition (a longer term extended payment period, longer grace period for payment of the first installment, etc.). Negotiating interest and debt installments is the ideal scenario you want for your debt, and you will usually only get this scenario by negotiating directly with a manager. But you can get your trading base with other banks directly through the Portal and then go to the manager, that is, even as a reference point, the Portal is a good tool.

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